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“I make paintings of frolicking fish.”

The work

This work explores art language for oceans on the rise. Inspired by Karen Barad, Margaret Cohen, Coastal Cities, Brian Greene, Edvard Munch, Surrealism, Kieran Quigley and others. Concerned with beliefs, values and human security.


Chris collaborates with others to find new engagement for painting with interior design also with outreach  and education. Discovering also an active approach to curating, mindful of supporting global action about the contemporary issues that drive his work.

Collaboration is based on intervening in diptych collections to create triptych work. Interventions may be from aspects of culture that are visual, literary, scientific, heritage, fashion, theatrical or otherwise, each jostling for attention. Triptych interrelationships are presented as a new paradigm for painting and the intervening source.

Exploiting a tension between creating something aesthetically pleasing from some of contemporary life’s  burdensome messages. Contrasting the pleasurable with adversity. Distinguishing what a painting is of, from what it is about.

Mindful of the relationship between Us, nature and technology. In the contexts of Sustainable Development Goal 17, social power & belonging, as well as Eastern and Western kinds of Liberty.

Bio & Exhibitions

Chris’s business career spanned over forty years. As a partner specialising in telecommunications and computer technology, he worked in North America, Europe – in particular Switzerland and Italy – The Middle and Far East. Sector specialisms included water, finance and government. Administration specialisms included business development, project management and strategy.

His audit work was published. His work always involved creative solutions, continuing to find them in art after leaving his business career. Starting with his BA (Fine Art) and MA (Art & Design), involving painting, print making, heritage and large scale, metal, relief sculpture. Oil painting continues his journey. As does Sustainable Development Goal 17. Along with common ethical principles and a global perspective; crossing boundaries, inviting exciting multidimensional thinking.

Chris is a non-scientist board member of Climanosco, Zurich.


St Albans, UK


  • Paintings and Poems: Triptych with Robert Fred.


  • Education for Human Security conference, 2023. Panelist in the session Education in the Arts for Human Security.


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British Library

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Interior design

These paintings are for citizens tired of disaster-apocalyptic-newsreel about extreme climate events or pandemics. These paintings are for those who reflect on such matters by placing pleasurable paintings on their interior designed walls or stairwells; citizens who prefer their walls to offer disaster-antidote with colour, ambiguity and movement, travelling in the direction of  hope.

Contrasting hues, greys and rich colour vary in their extent. Opaque, transparent, warm and cool colours interact, sometimes within a narrow tonal range. A restricted palette uses black, white, special and classic pigments, whilst gold and silver leaf also glimmer in highlights. Complementing modern, classic, Scandinavian, simple and other designs for walls and stairwells. In private, public, corporate surroundings or windows – expressing a personal point of view about well-being.

Emotion, fun, imagination, improvisation, intuition, hope and memory produce edges, lines and texture. Seeking tension, energy and ambiguity. Amplifying pictorial movement and depth. In single, vertical diptych and triptych collections. Contrasting with the horizontal, not worrying about the judgement of friends but doing things differently. Inviting the viewer to look up, to consider the figurative and the abstract, finding hidden meanings in painting surface and space.


Oceans on the rise are matters for human security and Coastal Cities.


  • (2023) World Academy of Arts and Science. Education for Human Security. Panellist: Education in the Arts for Human Security.
  • (2022) I Remember Water, Digital Exhibition, World Water Museum Global Network, IT/NL.
  • (2022) Fish & Chips, Creativity to Connect, Spud Works, New Forest, UK.
  • (2022) River Culture, Merton Abbey Mills, UK.
  • (2022) Trans-Generatives 2030, Nancy, France.
  • (2020) Dear 2050, Human Responses to Climate Change, Climanosco, Zurich, CH.
  • (2020) Impact: the impact of Covid-19 around the world on people, health care and beliefs, CHAIYA Art Awards, UK.
  • (2020) Long listed, Visual Art Open, 2020, Chester, UK.
  • (2020) 2nd Primary Colours Exhibition, Digital, Special Recognition Award, LST Gallery, USA.
  • (2020) Finalist, Winners’ Exhibition, CHAIYA Art Awards, 2020, UK. (Delayed by Covid-19 until 2021)
  • (2020) Artistas Confinados, Digital, Alumeñecar Casa de la Cultura, España.
  • (2019) Long listed, Merit Award, Digital, 9th Annual Seascape Competition, LST gallery, USA.
  • (2019) Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans, UK.
  • (2019) Art Box 1.0, Zurich, CH.
  • (2019) Long listed, Visual Art Open, 2019, Chester, UK.
  • (2009) Installation, “300 Square Metres of Peppered Moth”, Luton Hoo Walled Garden, UK.
  • (2009) Installation, Mary Hare School for the Deaf, Arlington Arts Centre, UK.
  • (2009) University of Hertfordshire, MA Postgraduate Show,
  • (2009) Inside Out Group, Purple Poppy Gallery, UK.
  • (2009) Puthall Park Sculpture Show, Newbury, UK.
  • (2007) UNTIED, Truman Brewery, UK.
  • (2007) EAC Art Awards, Mall Galleries, UK
  • (2007) University of Hertfordshire, BA Show
  • (2006) Local Artists Show, St Albans District Council, UK.
  • (2003) Leisure Painter – featured artist.

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Project Fish

Project Fish is trans-disciplinary, international, and virtual collaboration, which intersects oceans on the rise science, visual art & culture and Surrealism.

There is no right way up to hang these paintings.

Robert Fred: https://www.robertfred.com/bio/ | fred@robertfred.com

Swiss author of free verse, expressing through the short French poem an intimate dialogue, a love of nature. Seeking the voice of conscience, calling for self-questioning, reconciling the responsibility of man and his role in nature. Writer of poetry about Project Fish paintings. Poems becoming visual art, joining paintings, making collections for a wall, or stairwell.

Project Fish supports Earth Day.

Project Fish projects:
– Fish & Chips

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